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Nikos Koutras at Peter’s Birthday Party

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Nikos Koutras at Peter's Birthday Party - Stamford CT

Nikos Koutras at Peter's Birthday Party - Unforgettable Moments!

Peter Valis is a cherished friend and an esteemed collaborator with the Nikos Koutras Greek Band at countless extraordinary occasions like weddings, christenings, and exclusive private events. When the opportunity arose to perform at Peter’s birthday extravaganza last Saturday, we couldn’t resist. And what a dazzling spectacle it was – a stunning white party!

Peter secured a sensational venue with enthusiastic guests and beloved friends. As the night unfolded, the energy soared to stratospheric heights, and the dance floor seemed to spread like wildfire. There were no boundaries – people unleashed their inner party beasts, dancing with unbridled joy on tables, chairs, and anywhere they could find a sturdy surface! The atmosphere was electric, and the memories we created together were unforgettable.

Peter, we are sincerely grateful for allowing us to participate in your momentous day. It was an absolute pleasure to contribute to the magic of your celebration.

Watch video highlights form our last event at Peter's Birthday Bash!

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