Nikos Koutras Greek Band New Site

Nikos Koutras Greek Band New Site

Hello Everybody! Nikos Koutras Greek Band New Site is Live!

Happy to announce that the newly updated site of Nikos Koutras Greek Band, is up and running. Three years pass since our last update in July 2012. We wanted to make a difference and give our visitors and potential clients the experience of an easy tour through our work and services. We believe we are very close to this achievement. We created a simple environment with fewer pages than before, a more thorough explanation of our services, and more videos and photos from our most recent events. Browse our site and let us know what you think and what is missing that you want to see.

Also, a Greek translation is on the way!
Your feedback is highly appreciated!

[Update on April 27, 2018]

We are on the third face of our newly designed website. The 2018 version! Our web developing company Web Design Heaven did a very good job. We are trying to be innovative and keep up with Google’s algorithm so people who look for our services, can find us on the 1st page easily! Here you can request a quote form any of our Music Packages.

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We are servicing New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and by extension all the East Coast.
However we can travel in any state upon request.

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