Nikos Koutras Greek Band | Olga and Matt - Wedding
Olga & Matt Wedding
July 24, 2016
Nikos Koutras Greek Band - Panagiotis and Katyna - Wedding
Katyna and Panagiotis – Wedding
November 12, 2016

Loula & Kosta wedding

Loula said…
The Band was amazing, the MC was great, and they even surprised us with an Albanian singer, as my husband is Albanian and we wanted to make sure both cultures were represented. There was a pretty even split between Greek and Albanian music, and then some top 40s towards the end. I love that the clarinet player came outside on the porch while we were doing the Napoleon dance on the back deck. Absolutely wonderful.

Debbie (brides mother) said…

Nikos Koutras band did a wonderful job at my daughter’s wedding. We had an 8 piece band and the MC was just as wonderful. They did a great job in mixing Greek and Albanian and American music so that everybody had at if fun and didn’t feel left out


Loula & Kosta - Wedding

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Nikos Koutras
Nikos Koutras
Nikos Koutras is a Founder, President and Lead Singer at Nikos Koutras Greek Band. Providing Music with Live Greek Band and DJ Services for Greek – American Weddings, Christenings, and all Special Occasions.

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