Starter Package

Best for small events, house gigs, and surprise parties.

About Starter Package

The Starter Package consists of 4 members and is essential to assemble a Live Greek Band. The band pieces include Male Singer, Bouzouki, Keyboard, and Drummer.

These four pieces are necessary for the group to form a full band for any event. With the Starter Package pieces, we have the complete melody, rhythm, and tempo needed to make your guests have fun and dance non-stop at your Wedding or Special Occasion!

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Regarding the Music Package you have inquired about, it consists of the following musicians and vocalist:
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In addition to the estimated cost, our email will include video links showcasing the performances included in the package and helpful details to assist you in selecting the most suitable package for your event.

Please be advised that in case your event is situated more than 100 miles away from NYC, the associated travel expenses will be considered when providing the price quote.

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