Custom Package

For couples that are very specific about the entertainment they want for their wedding day.

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The Custom Package Elevating Your Musical Experience!

Here are the options available for creating your Custom Music Package



Seamlessly blending Greek and American music. Our DJs will ensure a dynamic and diverse musical journey that caters to all tastes. With the live band, they create a fusion of cultural influences, delivering a memorable experience for everyone to enjoy and keeping the dance floor packed.


Female Singer

A talented and versatile female vocalist who can add a touch of elegance and emotion to any musical package.


Second Female Singer

Adding another female singer expands the vocal possibilities, enabling harmonies, duets, and a richer sound. This option adds depth to the performance and allows for creative vocal arrangements.


Second Male Singer

A second male singer complements the female vocals and opens new harmonizing possibilities. It can bring a different musical dimension and provide a balanced vocals blend.



The clarinet weaves its melodious lines with other traditional instruments, crafting an authentic and evocative Greek musical experience, whether a lively Kalamatiano dance or a passionate Tsamiko.



Elevate your melodies with the dynamic and expressive sounds of the violin, adding a touch of sophistication and emotion. Whether playing a lively Syrtos dance, or a heartfelt love ballad, the violin enriches the music experience.


Toumberleki (Greek Percussion)

The rhythmic beats of the Toumberleki will create an infectious groove, bringing energy to Greek folk and contemporary dances.


Pontic Group (2 members)

The Pontic Group, consisting of two skilled musicians, specializes in performing traditional Pontian music. Their authentic instruments (lyra and ntaouli) and harmonious melodies celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Pontic Greeks.


Cretan Group (2 members)

Experience the essence of the rich musical heritage of Crete with this talented duo, blending traditional Cretan instruments (lyra & laouto) and vocals for a unique musical journey.

Unleash Your Imagination: Tailored Entertainment Options for Discerning Couples' Dream Weddings.

Receive a price quote for our Custom Music Package in 4 easy steps!

Hold down the CTRL key on Windows or the COMMAND key on Mac, then click on the desired members you wish to add to the music package.
What to anticipate following the submission of your inquiry:
  1. You can expect a prompt email response within 24 hours, which will provide you with comprehensive information and pricing details regarding the music package you have inquired about.

  2. Additionally, our email response will include video links showcasing the band’s impressive performances at various events.

  3. Furthermore, should we not receive a response within 48 hours, we will initiate a discovery call to the provided number. This call aims to confirm receipt of our proposal and address any questions or concerns you may have.
Please be advised that in case your event is situated more than 100 miles away from NYC, the associated travel expenses will be considered when providing the price quote.
NOTE: The Starter Package is the foundation for customizing your music bundle and is therefore included.
The Music Package you have inquired about, it consists of the following musicians and vocalist(s):

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