Custom Package

Best for couples that are very specific about the entertainment they want for their wedding day.

About Custom Package

The Custom Package has as its foundation the Starter Package. Before you start building your entertainment group, the band members included are Male Singer, Bouzouki, Keyboard, and Drummer.

This music package is ideal for you if you’re highly selective and know precisely what you want for your event. While our Ultimate Package includes 8 pieces (two singers, a DJ/MC, and five instruments), customizing your music bundle can end up with up to 15 pieces!

One feature, though, is that it sets the customized Package apart from the other music bundles. You may add just a DJ/MC to the Package without purchasing additional pieces.

Why add more singers to the band bundle?

By including more singers than two, you may build a more elaborate repertoire and program, which elevates the entertainment and gives the impression that you’re in a Greek Club!

What is toumberleki?

Toumberleki is a kind of traditional Greek drum music instrument. It is played with the hands and is often used in the Greek traditional folk rhythms, particularly for tsifteteteli. It’s very in style in today’s weddings as our toumberleki player goes in the middle of the dance floor and plays it. His toumberleki has a light in it, blinking along with the rhythm. That gives a nice touch to the dancing crowd, and everybody wants to be around it.

What about the Pontian Group?

The Pontian Group consisted of 2 pieces (Lyra and Ntaouli). Both members of the Group are singing as well. Suppose you or your family are from a particular area, from Eyxinos Pontos (Εύξεινος Πόντος). In that case, this Group must add it to the bundle. The Pontian songs can be performed 100% only if these two instruments are present. Of course, a part of the band will play along with the Pontian program.

What about the Cretan Group?

There are two pieces in The Cretan Group (Lyra and Laouto), and the Group’s two members are both singing along. Although identical to the Pontian Group, it caters to the Cretan repertoire, particularly the Cretan mantinades. Including this Group in the Package is essential if you host family or guests from Crete at your event.

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The Starter Package is the foundation for customizing your music bundle and is therefore included.
To build your combination this Music Package requires to have Starter Package which consists of:


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