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Owning a Greek-American wedding band and DJ is a majestic experience. Our knowledge, professionalism, and love for music will make your party a memorable occasion for years to come.

Sincere, knowledgeable, and dedicated to perfection, we have built our reputation by offering impeccable service at every event. We understand that each event is unique; thus, we created pre-selected packages to meet our client’s requirements.

What is included in Greek Band and DJ packages?

For your convenience, we have created four sets of Greek Band and DJ Packages that cannot be altered. These packages are designed to cater to different preferences and requirements: Starter, Standard, Full, and Ultimate. We believe this is the most effective approach to choosing a Greek wedding band and DJ package.

Selecting the Perfect Greek Wedding Music Package for Your Special Day

To begin the process, the first step is to determine the music package that suits your preferences. We highly recommend opting for the Full Package, which includes seven musicians. It has gained immense popularity as a wedding entertainment choice and consistently fulfills the musical desires of brides across various weddings.

If you have more specific requirements or a limited budget, we also offer smaller packages. The Standard Package comprises five musicians and provides an excellent option for those seeking a lively celebration while being mindful of their finances. On the other hand, if you prefer a more straightforward arrangement, the Starter Package with four musicians might be a suitable choice.

But of course, the choice is yours!

Whether you want a 21st-century wedding or something more traditional, Nikos Koutras Greek Band have you covered! We specialize in weddings with Greek or Greek-American brides and grooms and offer fixed music packages with no surprises!

But whatever option you decide on, don’t forget to book early! Especially if you plan to get married in June or July, which are trendy months and dates booking fast. On the other hand, it’s always best if we have plenty of time to learn new songs and practice before your big day.

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By incorporating the components of the Starter Package, you can achieve a seamless fusion of melody, rhythm, and tempo, ultimately ensuring a vibrant ambiance that allows wedding guests or attendees of any special occasion to fully immerse themselves in celebration, revelry, and uninterrupted dancing!

Starter package consists of:

Starter Package Compo - Head Image

Including a Female Singer enhances the Standard Package, bringing a fresh dimension to the atmosphere and song selection. While the male singer is knowledgeable about the program and the client’s entertainment preferences, adding a female singer allows for simultaneous performances, injecting an exhilarating element into the program.

Standard package consists of:

Standard Package Compo - Head Image

Indulge in the unparalleled amusement offered by our Full Package, featuring a group of 7 exceptionally skilled members. This highly sought-after package is tailor-made for events of all sizes and promises a memorable musical experience. Enhance your gathering with the clarinet’s captivating melodies while including a talented DJ/MC who adds a delightful flair to your event.

Full package consists of:

Full Package Compo - Head Image

Whether it’s a family wedding or a corporate event, our music package ensures an extraordinary evening. While our Full bundle continues to be a favored option, the Ultimate Package takes the experience to new heights with the enchanting melodies of the Violin, which elevates the repertoire, delivering immense value to the entire performance.

Ultimate package consists of:

Ultimate Package Compo - Head Image

Enhance Your Musical Experience with the Exclusive Custom Package

None of our wedding band packages are what you're looking for?
Don't Worry!

We know that each wedding is unique. We can help you create a package that’s tailored to your needs!

Tailored specifically to cater to your refined preferences and exact event requirements, this music package epitomizes the art of customization. While our Ultimate Package showcases an impressive ensemble of 8 members, featuring two singers, a DJ/MC, and five instrumentalists, the potential for personalization within your music bundle expands to an astonishing 15 pieces!

We love customizing our Greek Band and DJ services for each client, so let us know what we can do for you!

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