Winter-Time Wedding Day

Winter-Time Wedding Day | Greek Wedding Orchestra

What precautions to take when you have a Winter-time Wedding day?

I m looking out my window and the only thing I see is white… Snowing in New York is very common in the wintertime! Of course, the weather is not the first thing you consider when you are planning your Wedding date right? But I have personal experience myself, performing at weddings January or February or even March and outside was 2′ of snow! So what to do when your wedding day has come and it’s snowing? When something like this happens on your wedding day, you can’t do much about it. And most important that you already gave a deposit to the Venue, Limos, Band, DJ, and every single vendor who is part of your Event! If your date is postponed due to bad weather, work with your vendors and find out if you will be able to use them on your new date at no extra cost!
Before you book any vendor read the Fine Print on the Vendor’s contract and in a case of cancellation of your event for any reason make sure:

1) You can use the vendor with the same deposit for your new date.

(Here at Nikos Koutras Entertainment, you don’t lose your deposit if your family event canceled due to bad weather. Your deposit counts towards your next family event or your new date and you can use it in a period of time of one full year from the cancelation date).

2) You get a refund if you are obligated to pay your remaining balance before the date of your event (which is mandatory for most vendors).

One of the imponderable factors you must consider, if you are planning to get married in the winter especially on the East Coast, is the weather! Also, check for more information about what else you have to consider before you book your Wedding band.

 Last edited by Nikos Koutras on April 27, 2018

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