Successful Wedding Reception (Tips for Brides.)

Successful Wedding Reception tips are useful! I admit there are many things you have to address and remember to make your Special Day stress free! We picked the most common and probably most important. From our experience, if you give an extra attention to these tips, we guaranty that you will have a Successful Wedding Reception with more fun and less stress!

  • Be on time

Preparation is the key. You have been planning your wedding day for a long time now… It will be a shame for your wedding day not being successful for a small detail that you overlooked! Keep everything intact and on schedule on your Special Day.

  • Prepay your Vendors

Most of the vendors including reception Venues they have this option in their contract (to get paid for the remaining balance prior to the event day), but it is a good practice from your site to do that. It is the most important day of your life and you want to have fun, drink your favorite cocktails and focus on your family and guests.

  • Finalize with your Vendors

To make sure your Special day runs smooth, a month before your Event, give a call of your vendors and make sure everything is as agreed, and everybody will comply with your needs and must arrive at the Reception on time.

  • Child Safety first

Make sure you inform your guests to keep an eye on their children while in the reception room. Watch for the Servers carrying hot plates and people dancing on the dance floor while children running around. Even better is to pick a corner of the room and hire a Clown to keep them entertained.

  • Address any Family Matters before your wedding

Every guest at your Wedding should be supportive of your decision. If they aren’t, no invitation for them. Be sure all ex-wives, ex-husbands, step-moms etc. can get along and will be civil at any time. Maybe throw a pre-party beforehand like an engagement party and invite them, just to make sure everyone will be “on the same page”.

If you have any other suggestions or tips might be crossed your mind, please leave your comment below.

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