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DIY Weddings | Greek Wedding Orchestra

Why DIY Weddings are fun and interesting!

I’m thinking about it all the time… Get married and then go to the Reception and enjoy the food and music are the easy part, believe me! But man, I admire all these brides that put the whole event planning together from the beginning. I really do! Of course, there are a lot of wedding planners out there, but sometimes it is not that you don’t want to spend the extra money, it is the PRINCIPLE! I’m talking with future brides almost every day and believe me, every one of them wants it “their way”. And I agree! Everyone wants the most important day of their life to be Perfect, Unique, Successful in every way, and to be remembered by their guests and Family for a long time…?

…and here we come to DIY Weddings. Don’t be scared, you can do it…Yes I’m talking to you my dear Bride!

Of course, the pre-wedding planning is not easy! From deciding the wedding date until you reach the day of the ceremony is a long way. You have to put all your talent and craft your heart out but in the end, you will feel happy that you‘ve accomplished perfection! And of course with a little help from friends and relatives, a ton of hard work and a lot of loving your Wedding it will be Indescribable!

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