Big Fat Greek Weddings and Traditions

POST EDITED ON: November 14, 2020

Big Fat Greek Weddings and Traditions

When it comes to Greek Weddings Brides want to have The Big Fat Greek Wedding of their dreams! It is not a demand, it is a tradition! Greek Weddings were and are always Big and Rich in every way. Greek Wedding Traditions go way back in time. Another tradition, in Greece, was that bride’s father had to give a dowry “Preka” to the groom to marry his daughter.

Dowry was anything: from a house, a piece of land, money (gold sovereigns “Lires” were very popular) even a new car… Other tradition Greeks keep ’till today and I can say it from my own experience of Weddings I perform at, is that, on the first dance of the night which is dedicated to the bride and groom the family’s pinning “karfitsonoun” money to their clothes for a good start with their life together.

Another tradition is that a day before the Wedding, Bride’s family has the band playing at the Brides bed and they throw money on the bed. This way they wish the couple health and prosperity to the new life they start together as a husband and wife… I can write for hours about the Greek Wedding traditions. Greeks are very serious when it comes to their children’s wedding. I wish you to have a happy wedding my child “Na kalopantreyteis paidi mou” as Greeks saying…

I feel very fortunate that through the years I’ve been part of the most important days in the lives of many brides, grooms, and their families!

Leave your comment below if you know any traditions for Greek Weddings!

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