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8 Ideas and tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

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Newlyweds walking in the Winter Snow

Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are magical; they’re a little bit of winter wonderland, a little bit of Christmas card, and a whole lot of cozy. But if you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s also critical to plan ahead of time so that your big day is flawless.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 8 ideas and tips to guarantee your winter wedding preparation runs smoothly.

8 Ideas Table of Contents

1. Start your winter wedding planning early

You’ll be surprised how much goes into planning a wedding!
Find a venue that matches your aesthetic style; it’s worth taking time to find the perfect place for your special day! Also, start looking for vendors like photographers, florists, Bands/DJs, etc. No time for this?

Find a wedding planner specializing in winter weddings so they can offer some advice and vendor recommendations.

PRO TIP: My two cents to start planning a winter wedding are:
Planning a Winter Wedding
Planning a Winter Wedding with an Altar

2. Planning for the weather

To start with, think about your venue. Is it going to be indoors? Outdoors? Somewhere in between? Will your guests need to bundle up for the weather? Find out what kind of weather to expect on your wedding day.

If it’s going to be cold, ensure that all your guests are prepared. You might want to consider renting space heaters or other heating elements if the temperature is expected to be below freezing during the ceremony or reception.

3. Extra Travel Time

Bad weather means bad traffic, so give extra time to travel to your ceremony – no matter how near or far you are.

4. Arranging transportation for everyone

Ensure your guests have access to transportation before they leave home (or hotel). You don’t want them to get stranded somewhere without their ride home after the ceremony ends!

You never know how long traffic might take during rush hour. Any delays may occur due to weather conditions like snowstorms or icy roads leading up to your ceremony time.

Winter Wedding Bride
Winter Wedding Bride in a Snow

5. If possible schedule your ceremony

Schedule your ceremony at an earlier time of day so guests won’t be stuck outdoors for too long waiting for the ceremony to start (and make sure they’re bundled up!).

6. Combine ceremony & reception if you can

If possible, have your ceremony & reception in one venue or places very near each other. This will make transport more manageable in case of bad weather.

7. Keep your Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and guests warm

Consider making an effort to ensure everybody is kept warm and cheery once they arrive. A hot beverage like coffee, tea, hot cider, or hot chocolate is an excellent and simple idea.

For food and drinks, please keep it simple; serve soup instead of salad; keep everything as hearty as possible so people can stay warm while eating!

PRO TIP: Ask your caterer what measures they take to keep food warm even when snow falls outside.
Winter Wedding Cake Cutting
Winter Wedding Cake Cutting

8. Take your photos on time

Because it gets dark considerably earlier in the winter, modify your photo schedule to include extra light. Taking portraits before your ceremony is frequently a fantastic idea.

If you’re unsure how to do this, chat with your photographer; they should have a good idea of what will work.

PRO TIP: Ensure your photographer is experienced in shooting in extreme weather conditions.

My Winter Wedding is canceled; What now?

It’s not every day that a bride has to deal with the possibility of canceling her wedding, but unfortunately, it happens. Planning a winter wedding can sometimes be challenging.

Is there any way you can prepare ahead of time? The short answer is no because the weather in winter -especially if you live on the east coast- is unpredictable.

If your wedding is canceled due to severe weather, you’re probably wondering what your options are—and what you should do next.

Here are two things you should do:

a. Contact your venue immediately

If your wedding day is postponed due to bad weather, contact your venue immediately to find out if they will allow you to move your wedding date for free. If that is not possible, try to negotiate with them.

b. Speak to your vendors

Make sure all vendors have a cancellation policy in place for inclement weather. Check with all the vendors (Band/DJ, Limo, Photographers) if you can use them on your new date with the same deposit at no extra cost.
Also, see if you could get a refund if you paid your balance early.

PRO TIP: Read the fine print on the vendor's contract before you book them.
…and lastly, if you ask us…
Wedding Table Centerpiece
Wedding Table Centerpiece

We are obsessed with winter weddings!

With all the challenges you may have, in planning a winter wedding, keep in mind that:

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