Wedding Lighting Show

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Why a Wedding Lighting Show
Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

Book The Right Wedding Lighting For Your Event

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The Amazing Features of our Event Lighting Package


Four (4) Moving Heads

Four (4) Moving Heads of Intelligent Lighting, positioned on top of Four (4) trusses, all dressed in elegant white satin.

(You can also choose only Two (2) Moving Heads).


Two (2) Large Screen Led TVs (Optional)

Two (2) 65-inch LED TV monitors, installed onto the trusses.


A Photo Montage (You must Book Led TVs for this option)

A Photo Montage composed of a selection of 60-90 photos and three songs. The arrangement includes 20-30 pictures of the bride, 20-30 photos of the groom, and 20-30 of the couple together.


Personalized Monogram

A personalized monogram, specifically created for the couple, will be prominently displayed on the TV monitors.


Professional Photographer (Optional)

A professional photographer dedicated to capturing candid moments from the wedding, which will be displayed on the TV monitors for your guests to enjoy.


All Images to Bride & Groom

At the end of the reception, all photos will be provided to the bride and groom on a flash drive, or a link for download will be made available.

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Illuminate Your Special Day with our Wedding Lighting Show!

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