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Intelligent Lighting Package Video | Greek Wedding Orchestra

Why a Wedding Lighting Show
Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

Wedding lighting is an important design component that should never be overlooked. A wedding lighting show can completely alter your reception room and venue areas from ordinary to magnificent. As a result, every detail will be even more stunning than you could have imagined.

Without a doubt, wedding planning necessitates hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. Everything must be decided, from flowers and color palettes to seating arrangements and safety standards. However, a wedding lighting show is one of the most neglected factors regarding your wedding day’s overall design and beauty.

It is essential to have a Wedding Light Show?
The lighting show is one of the most important aspects of any event. It can add depth and mood to an event area while connecting other aspects of the event, such as slideshow presentations, seating, dance floor lighting , and sound.
Areas you can use our Intelligent Lighting packages
We know your mind is racing with wedding planning details, but where you can put wedding lights is probably not in your thoughts. Here is a list of areas where we can add lighting effects throughout your wedding.

  • Dancefloor
  • Reception tables
  • Bar area
  • Guestbook table
  • Overhead lighting
  • Wall or floor projections
  • Dessert table
  • Food stations
  • Centerpieces

What is The Right Wedding Lighting For Your Event?

Deciding on the best wedding lighting package might be challenging unless you are a wedding designer. Sometimes wedding venues have lighting packages in place for your event. But you’ll need to hire someone if you’re getting married outside or the venue doesn’t provide this service.

Remember that your wedding day is more than a meal and dance party. It’s a celebration of two souls merging into one.
The proper lighting may lend a touch of playfulness, romanticism, sophistication, and more. Your wedding may lack style and personality if you don’t have it.

Discuss your thoughts with us today. We have the imagination and knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

What's included in our Wedding Lighting Show Package

Your Wedding or Special Event can be highly different with intelligent lighting and up-lighting! Depending on your affair, lighting can be set to your theme color(s) and give a spectacular atmosphere to the reception room!


Four (4) Moving Heads

Four (4) Moving Heads of Intelligent Lighting on top of Four (4) trusses that are dressed in white satin and up lit to the color of desire!


Two (2) 50-inch Led TVs

Two (2) 50-inch Led TVs are set up on trusses dressed in white satin and uplit to the color of desire.


A photomontage

A photomontage made up of 90 pictures and three tracks. The breakdown is 30 photos of the bride, 30 photos of the groom, and 30 photos of both.


custom monogram

A custom monogram will be displayed on the TVs. A professional photographer will capture candid moments, which will be shown on the TVs during the wedding.


all images to bride & groom

At the end of the reception, the bride and groom will be given all the images. We will supply them on a flash drive or a download link if one is available.

Wedding Lighting Show Videoclip

Intelligent Lighting Package Video | Greek Wedding Orchestra
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Up-Lighting for the whole or part of the room can be purchased separately. Mention your request in the form’s “Your Thoughts” section below, to receive a price quote as well.

Fill out the form below to receive our Wedding Lighting Show price estimate. We will answer back in less than 24 hours with pricing and all the information you need! Travel expenses will be added to the package if the event is further than 100 miles drive from NYC.