Intelligent Lighting

The package includes:

1 Four (4) Moving Heads of Intelligent Lighting on top of Four (4) trusses that are dressed in white satin and up lit to the color of desire!

2 Two (2) 50 inch Led TVs set up on trusses that are dressed in white satin and up lit to the color of desire.

3 A photo Montage that consists of 90 photos and three songs. The breakdown is 30 pictures of the bride, 30 pictures of the Groom, and 30 of them together.

4 A custom monogram to be displayed on the TVs, also video mixing and a dedicated photographer to capture candid moments from the wedding and displayed on the TVs.

5 All photos will be provided to bride and groom on a flash drive at the end of the reception or a link will be given for download.

Intelligent Lighting Package Preview

Your Wedding or Special Event can be extremely different with intelligent lighting and up-lighting! Depending on your affair lighting can be set to your theme color(s) and give a spectacular atmosphere to the reception room!
Intelligent Lighting Package Video | Greek Wedding Orchestra
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