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Are you looking for a unique, special, and spicy gift to make the Birthday person or Newlywed couple happy? That’s the best way to make them have fun and enjoy the beauty of Belly Dance!

Belly dance shows are the ultimate way to impress someone special. Trust us with your special day or family event; our professional belly dancers will go above and beyond to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

We present a belly dancing show by Laura!

Born in Uzbekistan, LaUra studied classical ballet, as well as various Russian and Uzbek folk dance forms. Since the age of 15, she has been devoted to the art of Middle-Eastern dance. This amazing artist began her professional career in Lebanon, later touring in the UAE, Yemen, Switzerland, and India. Today her remarkable talent shines here in New York City.

Reserve our talented belly dancer today and experience a beautiful belly dancing show. She’ll get everyone up and have them dancing all night long.

Belly Dancing Show

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