Nikos's Original Tracks

After years of dedication to his craft, Nikos proudly unveils his latest musical endeavor—a collection of original tracks straight from the heart of Greece. Titled “Μπορώ” (I Can), this captivating album features five soul-stirring songs, showcasing Nikos’ unique artistry and passion.

With heartfelt lyrics penned by renowned Greek lyricist Nikos Vaxavanelis, and masterful composition by Panagiotis Brakoulias, each track tells a profoundly resonating story with the listener. One standout piece, “Μάλλον είσαι μ’ άλλον” (I guess you are with someone else), was explicitly crafted for Nikos, capturing the essence of his voice and spirit during an inspired studio session.

From inception to completion, the album’s entire production, mixing, and mastering took place in Athens, Greece. This dedication to maintaining the authenticity and spirit of Greek music ensures that each note and melody carries the true essence of the rich musical heritage that Nikos proudly represents.

About Nikos Koutras

The Singer, The Founder

Niko, was born in Adriani, a small town outside Drama in Northern Greece, exhibited a deep passion for singing from an early age, particularly in the realm of Greek music. While concurrently attending junior and high school, he embarked on a professional singing career at the age of 14. This experience helped shape his artistic persona and refine his vocal style.

Although Niko pursued higher education in accounting, his true calling remained in music. He dedicated himself to studying Byzantine Music, Speech Training, Vocalism, and “Δημοτικό τραγούδι” (a genre of traditional Greek music).

Throughout his career, Niko has traveled extensively across Greece and performed in numerous European cities with solid Greek communities. His professional journey in Greece afforded him the privilege of collaborating with renowned figures in the Greek music industry, including Vasilis Karras, Paschalis Terzis, Pitsa Papadopoulou, Stavros Fotiadis, Zafiris Melas, Jenny Vanou, Marianthi Kefala, Makis Chistodoulopoulos, George Margaritis, Antipas, Stratos Dionisiou, Angie Samiou, Effie Sarris, Nikos Kourkoulis, Valantis, Sabrina, Tasos Bougas, Litsa Giagkousi, Katerina Stanisi, Haris Kostopoulos, George Xanthiotis, and George Kabouridis.

Over the past two decades, Niko has garnered a reputable standing in the industry, characterized by his integrity, sincerity, and professionalism. Driven by an unwavering passion for music, he is the proud owner and Lead Singer of the Nikos Koutras Greek Band.

Residing in New York for the past 20 years, Niko has graced the stages of numerous Greek clubs in the Tri-State Area and cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. Among the notable venues where he has performed are Grecian Cave, Enigma, Plato’s, Athena (NJ), Thiasos in Manhattan, Fantasia, Remi, Fantasia Club (Chicago), Notes, Soma, Megaro, Lafayette, Ethos Manhattan, and Athena Restaurant.