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Heartfelt Testimonials and Appreciation from Our Clients in the Wedding Industry

On this page, you will find an assortment of testimonials from couples who celebrated their dream weddings and family events with our dedicated services. Our clients have graciously shared their experiences, recounting the joy and perfection we brought to their special day. Their genuine words highlight our commitment to making each wedding a truly magical and memorable event.

In addition to the testimonials, we invite you to delve into a collection of delightful “thank you” cards and heartfelt appreciation letters from our cherished clients. These beautiful tokens of gratitude remind us of the meaningful connections we forge and the immense trust bestowed upon us to bring their wedding dreams to life.

We are thrilled to share this collection with you, so enjoy it!

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Nectaria and Corey

Nectaria & Corey

I am so glad that Nikos was involved in booking the musicians for my wedding in April 2010. Nikos Koutras is a very good musician with the ability to make your event stand out from others! He is talented, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the business...It doesn't get any better than this folks. Nikos has many contacts in the business, and you can really tell that this is his passion. He puts his soul into is work, and being musicians ourselves, it really means alot to work with someone who has a passion for what he does. I originally had asked Nikos to play my wedding, and he happened to be booked that day (was no surprise to me, as I already knew how awesome he was from seeing him perform at my cousins wedding.) However, he took the time and effort to customize a 7 piece band to suit my needs, and my family's needs, and it completely exceeded our expectations. Folks this band was phenomenal! Not only were they on time, and well dressed, but they were able to sense the vibe of the crowd very well, and play many if not all of the songs we requested. Their sound was rich and deep, and I can honestly say the dance floor was full the whole time!! It was truly a magical night, and I really appreciate the fact that Nikos was honest, reliable, professional, and dedicated to making my event truly special. It was wonderful! Thank you Nikos and Band for everything. Working with you was a pleasure. Our wedding was fantastic, and it was a night we will never forget for the rest of our lives!

Nectaria and Corey

Athena & George

You were magnificent!!! We had so much fun!

Athena and George

Evi & Steve

Dear Niko,
We want to thank you for being part of our wedding and for doing such a great job. We had a lot of fun!! Thanks for being so professional and helpful.
With all our love,

Evi and Steve

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Voula and Alex

Voula & Alex

Dear Niko & Band,
We want to Thank You very much for such a wonderful performance on our wedding day. You guys made our day extra special and it is greatly appreciated. Niko it was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you. You guys are so professional and we look forward to using you for more joyous occasions in the future. You guys are great!!!
Thanks again,

Voula and Alex

Vaia & Nicholas

Dear Niko,
Niko and I want to thank you (and the band) very much for performing at our wedding. The night truly would not have been as enjoyable without your outstanding performance! You kept the party going all night long...we couldn't stop dancing and our guests are still talking about how incredible you were and how good the songs were, including the sound quality. We would highly recommend you, without a doubt, to anyone! Thanks again and take care!

Vaia and Nicholas

Vicky & Gus

Dear Mr. Nikos Koutras and band,
We would like to start off by saying that our wedding was the most amazing day of our lives -- and we would like to thank you for helping contribute to that! Our guests are still talking about how amazing the music was. Your energy brought great life to the party and our guests were non-stop dancing. The dance floor was packed all night and our guests were having the time of their lives. Thank you very much for your professionalism, and your courteous and timely responses to e-mails. You are truly talented and gifted.
Thank you again.

Vicky and Gus

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Papanty and Steve

Papanty & Steve

To Nikos & Band
We would like to thank you very much for making our wedding so memorable. Until this day we keep talking about how great you guys were! Thank you for the kefi!
Lots of Love,

Papanty and Steve

Glykeria & Scott

Dear Niko and band,
It gives us such great pleasure to write this testimonial. Your outstanding performance at our wedding will stay with us for a lifetime. The energy and enthusiasm that you gave off made it not only an extraordinary and ‘long spoken about’ wedding but an amazing party!! Everyone is still ranting and raving about what a great time they had! Working with you throughout the process has been a complete pleasure. Your professionalism, eagerness, passion, and involvement during our planning made it all so much easier... we all know how stressful planning a wedding can be. You have gone above and beyond to assure a successful and memorable day and that it was. We couldn’t have made a better choice. We are so pleased to say that if we could re-live our wedding all over again we wouldn’t change a thing! We thank you for your phenomenal performance and congratulate you on a successful and unforgettable evening at our wedding.
With lot’s of thanks and love,

Glykeria and Scott

Corrina & Kosta

First off, Kosta and I, would like to thank all the members in the band. You guys were great. We also want to give a special thanks to you Niko, you were fantastic!! We all know how important our wedding day is to us and we want perfection, well that’s exactly what you gave us Niko. You knew what my guests wanted and brought out the KEFI in them, Thank you! As for Kosta and I well we couldn’t and didn’t want to stop dancing. Niko you were truly outstanding! Again, thank you for everything.
With all our love,

Kostas and Corinna

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Peter and Anna

Anna & Peter

Nikos Koutras & his band
Before: A+
Day of: A+++

Along with having an amazing voice, Niko also offers great customer service! We enjoyed listening to him perform in person, and we also enjoyed meeting with him and talking about our wedding; he certainly put our minds at ease. His six-piece band consists of him as male vocalist, a female vocalist, DJ/MC, bouzouki, keyboards, and drums.
Niko and his band did an amazing job on the day of the wedding! He totally rocked our first dance song (a Greek song), and throughout the night the dance floor was full. Approximately 30% of our guests were non-Greek, and DJ John did an excellent job playing music for them. Guests are still raving about the music at the wedding!!

Anna and Peter

Dimitra & Pete

Thank you so much for performing at our wedding. Everything was fantastic and we couldn't be happier. Everyone at the reception commented on how much of a great time they had. I don't think that Pete and I sat down all night. The one thing that stands out in our mind is the singing, the dancing, and the kefi. You guys truly made our wedding a night to remember. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
You've left a lasting impression...

Pete and Dimitra

Cathy & Foti

Dear Niko Koutra and Band,
We just wanted to let you know how happy we were that we chose your band to play at our engagement. You guys did such a wonderful job with everything, The music was perfect. Our guests have not stopped talking about how great the band was and saying how much fun they had. It was really great to see everybody up dancing all night and having a great time.
Thank You!

Cathy and Foti

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Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Konstantinos and Irene

Konstantinos & Irene

Hello Nikos,
Irene and I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job that you and your band had done on our wedding day on May 23rd in Norwalk, CT. Words cannot express how happy we were for you to perform at our wedding at such short notice. You went above and beyond to make us happy and once again my wife and I cannot thank you enough! I would highly recommend the Nikos Koutras band to anyone looking for a Greek function. Nikos is the most down to earth person you will find in the business and would do whatever he can to make your event successful. If you need any references I would be more than happy to vouch for you. The Nikos Koutras Band is HANDS DOWN the BEST Greek entertainment not only in NY but in the entire USA. Once again Thank you from my wife and I from the bottom of our hearts. It was an evening we will never forget.
Hope to see you soon. YOU ROCK!!! Thank You!

Konstantinos and Irene

Peter & Camilla

Dear Niko,
Thank you Niko, your band was phenomenal. I have nothing but the best to say about you and grant you the highest recommendations. Your voice is truly unique and memorable and you gave the Gamo a very warm feeling with your interactions with my guests. I look forward to hearing your talents again at my family and friends events.
Best Regards Niko!

Peter and Camilla

Martha & Elias

Dear Nikos Koutras and band,
Martha and I wish to personally extend our profuse thanks for performing at our wedding. You and your band did such an exceptional job. The kefi that you created was contagious- no one could stop dancing!! All of our guests keep on talking about what a wonderful job you and your band did. We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with you....you made our wedding day that much special.
Thank you so much!

Martha and Elias

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Anastasios and Angela

Anastasios & Angela

Dear Nikos,
Thank you very much for your Performance at our Wedding. Especially when you sang our song "Ego Thelo". We will never forget it! Thank you again!
With Love,

Anastasios and Angela

John & Eleni

All I have to say is a huge thank you for the way you, the band, and dj performed the night of our wedding!!!! Everybody had a great time!!!! I didn't want to stop dancing !!!!!!
Thank you Niko.

John and Eleni

Steve, Maria, Kostaki & Andreana

Geia sou Niko,
We would like to thank you so much for the great job you and your band did at our childrens Baptism. Everyone enjoyed the music. I'm still getting compliments about your performance. I wish my son felt better that night, I was hoping that he as well as myself would be dancing the whole night. He was just too out of it. Even so it was still a great night. Thank you again, Niko!
Our regards,

Steve, Maria, Kostaki and Andreana

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Lambros and Soula

Lambros & Soula

Dear Nikos,
Soula and I would like to thank you for the amazing and memorable performance you delivered on our wedding day!! Your "kefi" was contagious and every note you sang was beautiful. Our guests are still talking about the music. Any couple that has the honor of your presence at their wedding is in for a night to remember! Can't wait to have you at the Baptisms!!
Me Agapi,

Lambros and Soula

Eugenia & Nick

Hi Niko.
Sorry we haven't contacted you - I've been meaning to thank you for everything but of course ksexastika with all the running around!! I'm so sorry We had a great time at the wedding (of course hehe) - the music was fantastic! People kept telling us how great you were - even tough critics (greek old men!! haha) 🙂 they asked me for your information...
Thanks again

Eugenia and Nick

Aphrodite & Sal

Giasou Nikooo,
We want to Thank You for doing an amazing job at our wedding. We all had such a good time, music was great!!!...The belly dancer was perfect!!! We got so many compliments, Thank You for being a part of our special day!! We will keep in touch, especially for future events or even for refferals.

Aphrodite and Sal

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Maria and Stavros

Maria & Stavros

We wanted to thank you and the entire band for being so helpful and for making our wedding day, perfect! The band was amazing and kept the dance floor full the entire night! The DJ was excellent, a great MC and played great music! Our wedding would not have been complete without the support and love of our family and friends. We sincerely thank you for celebrating our joy and for being a part of our lives! Thank you!!!

Maria and Stavros

Anna & Michael

Thank u Nikos!
U did an amazing job. I definitely put the word out to others. Wish we could of spoken but mike and I were all over the place. Thanks again to u and your team!
U guys are the best!

Anna and Michael

Valandis & Georgia

Dear Niko,
Georgia and I could not express how happy we are with our wedding night, especially the music. All our guests raved about how much fun they had. A lot of people compared it to a wedding they would experience in Greece with the kefi and the awesome Zeimbekika.
Thanks again for the memories!

Valandis and Georgia

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Mary and Steven

Mary & Steven

Dear Nikos Koutras and Band,
Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!!! Our wedding day would not have been complete without the loving support from our family and friends.

Mary and Steven

Paul & Maria

Dear Niko,
Hope all is well! Thank you and your band so much for making our wedding a great event! I believe everyone had an amazing time and that is owed to you guys.. you kept everyone up and dancing by knowing what the crowd wanted! You will always be our recommended band!
Hope to be at one of your events soon!

Paul and Maria

John & Sevi

Dear Niko,
Me and my wife were very happy with the band, it was what we expected and more. Nikos Koutras and band were amazing, our guests didnt stop dancing.
Thank you Niko.

John and Sevi

Greek American Wedding - Thank You Card - Dina and Peter

Dina & Peter

We hired Nikos Koutras Greek Band for our wedding and couldn't be any happier. From the very beginning he was easy to talk to, willing to discuss and negotiate services (number of band members, types of instruments) that best fit our budget but without compromising quality. He was open and willing to add on an additional band member just a few days before the wedding! He (at the group) was very professional with a great voice and amazing talent that got every one up singing and dancing. I had also hired other music entertainers and he worked very well and cohesively with the others, you'd think they traveled together! I will definitely use them again for future functions.
Thank you so much for a party of a lifetime!

Dina and Peter

Greek American Wedding - Thank You Card - Fabiana and Niko

Fabiana & Niko

Dear Niko Koutras and Band,
We are truly thankful for the amazing and memorable work you guys did on our special day!
With all our Love,

Fabiana and Niko

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Sandy and Chris

Sandy & Chris

Both Sandy and I wanted to say thank you very much. Everything on our wedding day was "EXCELLENT". We knew you were fantastic, but from what we heard from over 200 people that attended our wedding was that Nikos Koutras and his band were amazing, and that our wedding had more kefi than any other. The addition of the touberleki was a huge hit as well. You were our number 1 choice from the beginning. Thank you for making our special day unforgettable and for exceeding our expectations.

Chris and Sandy

Greek Anniversary - Thank You Card - George and Tassia

George & Tassia

Mr. Koutras,
Thank you and your band. You all played very nicely, and all the guests were pleased. I hope to see you again soon.

George and Tassia

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Xryssa and Konstantinos

Xryssa & Konstantinos

Dear Niko,
Thank you so much for creating an amazing party atmosphaire at our wedding. Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had, how they dance the night away! You helped to make our wedding beyond memorable! We thank you more than thank you can imagine!!
With Love,

Xrysoula and Konstantinos

Greek Wedding - Thank You Card - Ntina and Antonis

Ntina & Antonis

Thank you for an amazing timeat our wedding! You were great as always!

Konstantina and Antonios

Greek American Wedding - Thank You Card - Michelle and John

Michelle & John

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with Niko ! He was great in every way ! Very professional and the band with DJ was amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better singer and band. Thank you again Niko for making our wedding day wonderful !!

Michelle and Johnr