About Nikos Koutras Greek Band

Nikos Koutras is a well-known Greek Singer in the New York City area. He moved from Greece 17 years ago and has performed in many Greek Clubs in the US. Since his arrival in NYC, he has concentrated his efforts in the ever-growing Greek Wedding and Private Event market and has successfully performed in numerous events ever since.

Since 2003 he is the Founder and the Lead singer of Nikos Koutras Greek Band. A Greek-American Wedding Orchestra providing Live music and DJ services to the Greek-American Community.

Nikos Koutras Greek Band’s goal is to serve the Greek-American Community and provide high quality service of Modern, Old Classic and Traditional Greek music. Including Outstanding American music by our Extremely Professional and Skillful DJ’s!

Nothing really compares to a Professional Greek Band and we can assure you that the dance floor will be jammed from the first to the last song, all night long.

About Nikos Koutras - at-wedding-in-atlantic-city
At Wedding in Atlantic City

About Nikos Koutras

Niko was born in Northern Greece in a small town outside Drama named Adriani. From a young age, he was interested in Greek music and loved to sing. He started working as a professional singer at the young age of 14 while he attended junior & high school. His young age helped him build his personality as a singer and gain his own style of voice.

His higher education is in accounting but music won him over. He has studied Byzantine Music, Speech Training, Vocalism and “Dimotiko Tragoudi” [part of traditional Greek music].

Niko has worked all over Greece and toured in many Greek places in Europe. In the course of his career in Greece he was fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest names in Greek music scene, such as Vasilis Karras, Paschalis Terzis, Pitsa Papadopoulou, Stavros Fotiadis, Zafiris Melas, Jenny Vanou, Marianthi Kefala, Makis Chistodoulopoulos, George Margaritis, Antipas, Stratos Dionisiou, Angie Samiou, Effie Sarris, Nikos Kourkoulis, Valantis, Sabrina, Tasos Bougas, Litsa Giagkousi, Katerina Stanisi, Haris Kostopoulos, George Xanthiotis, George Kabouridis.

After many years in the field, he released his original tracks made in Greece. An album of 5 songs with the title Μπορώ” (I Can).

In New York Niko has made appearances in many different clubs, such as Grecian Cave, Enigma, Plato’s, Athena (NJ), Thiasos in Manhattan, Fantasia, Remi, Fantasia club (Chicago), Notes, Soma, Athena Restaurant, Megaro, Lafayette, Ethos…

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